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Calf Roping

Established in 1939

Calf Roping is known as the most precise of the rodeo events, where two athletes work in perfect synchronization. One of these athletes just happens to be a horse the other is a calf roper. The calf is given a predetermined head start based on the length of the arena and the depth of the box. When the cowboy nods his head the calf is set free. The cowboy must wait slightly before leaving the box so doesn't break the barrier.  (cheat the calf out of its head start). He must then get into position, rope the calf, run to the calf while the horse keeps the rope snug, flip the calf to the ground and tie three legs. This is when time stops. The rider must then return to his horse, mount, give slack in the rope and wait for the 6 second judge's inspection of the tie and catch. If the calf frees itself during this time, no time is recorded.