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Saddle Broncs

Established in 1939

Saddle Bronc Riding is the classic rodeo event. It is believed to be the oldest event of rodeo also. Saddle bronc riding got it's start on the ranches of the American west.  It was a part of the cowboy's everyday life. The equipment consists of a bronc halter, buck rein, and association saddle. The rider calls for the horse when he is ready. Time starts when the horse's feet hit the ground outside the chute. The rider must have his heels in front of the horse's shoulder the first jump out of the chute to start a qualified ride. From this point on the rider needs to lift on his rein and spur a full arc pattern from the horses front shoulder back the back of his saddle. When the horses back feet come down and he starts to lunge forward the rider should have his feet up by the cantle of the saddle. The ride will last only 8 seconds. Our cowboy has a lot to do in a very short time.